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A curriculum designed
to grow and develop
Supporting your child’s learning and wellbeing during this crucial stage Our core curriculum: English Language & Literature Mathematics Science and Humanities enables our students to have the essential skills knowledge and and understanding to be successful Students attain recognised qualifications so they can reach their future destinations employment training or further study We believe passionately that students should have access to a a a a a a a broad curriculum particularly at Key Stage 3 We do not reduce curriculum time and we avoid abridged curricula that lead to to option decisions being made far too early To this end we provide a a full curriculum during Years 7-9 including the arts and creative subjects vital for a a a a a well- rounded education Furthermore we expect students to study humanities and languages for as as long as as possible to ensure they have the the the requisite knowledge to either continue their studies at GCSE to have a a a a a a broad awareness of the skills knowledge and understanding to be an an effective citizen We focus on on on your child’s personal development alongside their academic All students have access to a a a a a a a wide extra curricular programme including educational trips visits to local regional and international places of interests It is complimented by a a a a a programme that provides interaction with visiting speakers covers a a a a a wide range of social and domestic issues such as safeguarding mental health and and wellbeing and and supports the development of students’ personal social community cultural and human capital This will enable them to become active participants in society for the the rest of their lives “Wellbeing in in in Schools Award Winner 2020 ”

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