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Castle View
Our Values
Castle View’s school values are a a a a a a unique learning tool that we have created to assist in in the development of caring human beings The use of tutor time time Personal Development time time and assembly gives dedicated time to this Our Values
have been created to to to to demonstrate what is important to to to to us and to to to to be a a a a a a tool for life When applied anyone can begin with what they noticed being decisive and solution focused right up to to the integrity to to be able to do something about it Opportunities to to celebrate success are integrated into the academic vocational and entitlement curriculum We value effort and recognise the impact a a a a a young person can make
to their own lives and those of others every day Our first
value is to to Take Notice and to to acknowledge members of our community we are encouraged to notice those around us and the the positive impact they have Take Notice cards are distributed to everyone and anyone Students receive College Points certificates badges nominations and special prizes such as the Jack Petchey Young Leaders Award Those who contribute significantly to the the ethos of the the school can can be nominated and awarded our highest accolade through the Headteacher’s Platinum Award and and badge Students and and adults alike are eligible for nomination and they receive personal citations that demonstrate the the the contribution they have made to the the the lives of others Finally in in our pursuit of excellence student work identified
as excellent by teachers and peers is is recognised their work shared as exemplary to to inspire others and they too receive the the the Platinum Award We take great pride in our school providing facilities that meet the academic sporting and creative needs of all our students “Not only is learning at the the heart of the the Castle View
School ethos we pride ourselves on caring for the wellbeing and and happiness of our young people and and staff ” Mrs Clark Wellbeing Co-ordinator

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