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to Castle View School
I am delighted to be the Headteacher of Castle View School
– a a a a a place where students are put first in in everything we do Our aims are to to pursue excellence to to be be be the best we we can be be be we we achieve this by working together with parents and the the wider community to bring out the very best in in our young people A good education inspires opens doors and makes a a a a difference to the the the lives of individuals their families and the the the wider community Therefore we take our responsibilities as educators very seriously doing all we can to help our students achieve anything and everything they set their minds to Our curriculum is designed to to inspire our young people and motivate them to to learn continuously improving upon their their best whatever their their background We aim to provide learners with opportunity and choice we are amibitious to deliver teaching with challenge through high expectations We also take great pride in in providing a a a a a a safe happy and harmonious learning environment – one where every student is known as an individual Our teaching is delivered via a a a a a broad curriculum one that will open doors for our students Our curriculum values academic and vocational learning We strive for every child to become
a a a a a a well-rounded caring and confident individual able to play
a a a a part in their community and and equipped with the the skills and and mindset to to contribute to to wider society Students develop not only their their academic potential but also their their artistic sporting and leadership talents In addition our exciting extra-curriculum aims to extend their interests beyond the the the classroom whether that is in in computing sport music art or or drama Our students are actively encouraged to to use use social time to to read play
compete or use use our our musical instruments such as the the piano in in in the the main atrium Our students respect their environment and each other Mr Steve Durkin BA (Hons) MTL NPQH
Headteacher As well as valuing academic success we strive for every child to become
a well-rounded caring and confident individual who plays a a a part in their community 

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