Sarah Hanmore - Chief Financial Officer


Sarah provides all support and advice on procedures, systems and processes to all the Trust schools to ensure our schools set balanced budgets and work within the regulations of the Academies Financial Handbook.

"As CFO for the Trust it is my responsibility to submit all statutory returns to the government including annual accounts, pension and VAT returns. Although each of our Academies have they own finance departments these are overseen by the Trust to ensure both our Financial Regulations and procedures are followed and DFE requirements are meet. The Trust reviews each Academies monthly management reports to ensure agreed budgets are being adhered to.

One of the advantages of being part of a Multi Academy Trust is a number of supplies and subscriptions can be negotiated as a whole bringing economies of scale benefits. The Trust employs a number of highly skilled professionals which all Academies can access as needed.

These factors not only bring financial benefits but also allows schools to concentrate on other areas." 


Sarah can be contacted via