Leigh Christensen - Director of HR


Her specialist knowledge provides expert advice and support on all matters relating to any staff or HR matters in our Trust schools.

"As the Director of HR, I oversee a team of HR Leads based across the schools, we are responsible for all staffing and HR matters throughout the Trust. Looking after approximately 500 staff, it is our role to ensure that all staff, from Leadership to Examination Invigilators have the skills, training and support to enable them to perform their roles to their best ability.

We run robust recruitment campaigns throughout the year to ensure the Trust attracts the highest calibre of staff to our schools and remains the employer of choice in the county. Our aim is to recruit and retain the finest staff, ensuring our students are taught by the most talented and committed professionals in the industry.

We place high emphasis on staff wellbeing, happy staff leads to happy students!"

Leigh can be contacted via